We want an APP for our Store

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Hi, we are paintaccess.com.au and we want someone to create an APP for our store. We are mobile friendly on our website but we thought it would be a nifty little thing to also have an app available for our loyal returning customers. Something to make the experience a bit nicer and smoother.

I heard these are the facts that potential developers would like to hear:

  • Company name: PaintAccess.com.au
  • Name: Max
  • Budget (Only necessary if you are on a tight budget): We are on a bit of a tight budget. Would like to get the app done for under $1,000 AUD.
  • Contact Info: email us at Trade@paintaccess.com.au
  • Description of the services required: A basic retail app that would work the same as the website but a person can download the app and be permanently signed in. Maybe have a bit more customization for the persons profile and such. Very similar to other online retail apps.
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HI Max,

Please check your email. 

Awaiting for your reply.





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What the heck, I love the down under.

Questions of course:

  • do you want "accounts"
  • push notifications?
  • location based services
  • customization
  • caching to the device
  • IOS / Android AND Windows?
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Hi, so we already have customer accounts, we'd have to integrate their access with the app so they can just login to the app and have all their history and info saved on the app. But it is not mandatory to have an account to order from us. 

Yes to push notifications if easy.

Location based services - no, not really important for our line of business. 

Customization - depends on what and how easy it is to program

Caching - yes, so customers can save their information everytime they open the app

Android and iPhone, Windows only if really easy.