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i try to find a solution to make a wholesale-part in my shop www.moderausch.de .

I put everything inside...gatekeeper for login for the shops and a items choice box. The only thing i need is

to put on the productsite the following choices (like this):

Size S    08 > Order Itmes 2
Size M    12 > Order Items 3
Size L     09 > Order Items 3
Size XL   06 > Order Items 2

And THEN ALL Items with one click in the CART AND stay on Productpage than! Thats all... for that i have this infos ... its soo easy but not for me! ;)

Here is it like it going to be:


And the full way to get it:


Please help... i can pay by money or by NICE clothes Vouchers of moderausch.de!

THX for fast help guys!