Wish List/Cart modification required

Shopify Partner
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Looking for a developer to tweak the shopping cart in Shopify to behave like a "wish list".

The whole work flow of the existing cart is great I just need to remove any requirement for payment and loose any mention that the customer is purchasing anything.  I'd still ike the order to process and display as an order in Shopify so the client can review "wish lists" but again don't need any payment upto this point.

I've made a few little mods to buttons and the copy within emails etc but stuck on how to by-pass the payments/checkout process.

I've tried setting up a "Custom Payment" method as "Wish List" but unfortunately trans fees apply and the Bogus Test method is too clucky and requires the user to enter card #'s and expiry dates.

Can either post here or email me direct at rob.wibaux@gmail.com

site = www.frenchandenglish.com.au

pw = james