cart.liquid customisation for Cupcake options - Developer required

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Pylon Design Consultants Limited - London/UK

Dom Conrad

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I'm trying to keep monthly costs to a minimum on this site as it's a charitable money raising site for a local school who are our client. The cakes on sale via this site come in 3 cake flavours (Vanilla/Chocolate/Lemon), in 2 sizes (regular/large) and 7 quantities of boxes of 4 cakes. A box of 4 would all be the same size. This results in 42 variant SKU's.

My client wants to offer the user a custom text option (up to 15 characters) or custom image upload to be applied to the cakes. They have an edible ink printer in-house at the school (hey - didn't we all! – They would leave off the butter icing and print on a disc of flat icing in case you are interested). I thought the best way to do this was create two new product lines - 'custom text cupcake' and 'custom image cupcake', as you can see currently on the site.

These last two products add another 28 SKU's to the site. However, I've now realised that these custom cakes need to be offered in the three cake-dough flavours (vanilla/choc/lemon) which will turn the 28 sku's in 82 SKU's . That will take them over 100 sku's and make the site less profitable as they'll move into the $59 pcm bracket. The client is open to only offering the custom cakes in a single flavour (Vanilla) if it helps.

I chatted to Shopify tech support guys and they suggested that, in the checkout, we could add an option below each ordered cake product for them to add some custom text (up to 15 characters) for an extra £0.50 per cake OR to upload an image for an extra £0.50 per cake. We can highlight/bring this option to the users attention in the actual cupcake product pages. I can explain the image file upload type and dimension/size limits if you want to let me know what these should be. I'd have thought a 200K .jpg would suffice, but i'll have to let them know it'll be cropped to a circle.

Shopify team did point out the following:

  1. Since the customization is affecting the price, I'd need to create product options for those. Example: Option: "Want to use your own image?" Two values: "Yes, I want to use my own image", "No, I don't want to use my own image".

  2. If any item in the cart is customized, then embed a jotform to collect the text and/or provide an upload file button as per this tutorial: Ask customer for additional information with jotForm

Would like to know your thoughts on implementing this the best way and keeping the number of SKU's to a minimum, your estimated fee and availability.