developer needed. "delivery schedule app"

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I am setting up a website on shopify, selling organic groceries in the targeting people living in Manhattan, NY. One of the mayor concepts of this store is that we will be providing our own delivery to certain areas so that customer do not have to carry around loads of heavy groceries to reach their foot steps. We expect to be able to deliver with a fleet of eco vehicles and eventually use bicycle as a way to deliver.

The Issue: 

We need to provide our customers with information about the available delivery dates before they shop and for them to select a delivery time/date at their checkout. This information needs to come to our center of operation. Since there is only a capacity for deliveries for specific time/date's, once these are full incoming customers must know what is the available delivery by the checkout. As the administrators we must be able to increase capacity, edit delivery time and date's. Some deliveries will be free if they shop a certain amount of money.For those shopping from other states or location out of our delivery area's, they will have to option to used carrier and shippers. 

I need this completed by the ASAP or by the end of July.

Please email me for any other questions at I would like to know your suggestions.