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I run a small agency which services a relatively small number of deep engagements with (primarily Shopify-based) eCommerce clients.  As the business continues to grow, I am looking at potentially bringing on an eCommerce Digital Marketing & Operations Assistant to help me service clients.

I am extremely detail-oriented and operate client relationships with an absolute 100% bottom-line mentality.  I do not lock clients into any contracts and let the value of the work and its results speak for themselves in securing long-term engagements.  I need someone with keen attention to detail, 100% follow-through and the ability to meet all deadlines given or agreed upon.

I don't prefer people that tend to make excuses.  I value honesty, integrity and hard work - and I need a constant student of the game.  I know, for example, that there is a lot that I don't know.  You should be of the same mindset and use each client and experience as an opportunity to expand your toolkit.

The qualified applicant will also have:

-At least 5 years of direct, proven eCommerce marketing experience - including the execution of SEO, PPC, email, afffiliate, display, social and marketplace campaigns
-Knowledge of product sourcing, dropshipping, wholesaling, manufacturing for brands, etc.
-Deep understanding of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) tactics, including funnel analysis and optimization, goal review and improvement, and more
-Experience with A/B and/or multivariate testing on Google, Adobe or other major eCommerce testing platforms
-At least 3 years of experience with Google Analytics for eCommerce and/or Adobe Analytics for eCommerce
-Some understanding of operations, human resources, brand/identity, design, development (including liquid), etc.
-A marketing stack of best-in-class apps that you've worked with and can vouch for
-Knowledge of the eCommmerce marketing service provider landscape and vendor vetting and management abilities.
-Much more that escapes me at the moment of this writing

If you fit the bill and have all of the above (if you don't, please don't waste my time or yours by responding without having all of the requirements), then I would like to hear from you.

Yes, I have a website and a corporate email address, but I prefer not to post that on the web.  Instead, please email a cover letter and resume complete with details along each of the above requirements to


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I have send you a Mail.

Skype: cis.norman

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We may have a great partnership on some of the required skills and soon going to drop a mail.




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Hi J. Neufeld,

I am a Shopify developer with broad web expertise and would be happy to assist.  Like you I'm looking for long term relationships with clients as this brings a strong sense of familiarity which translates to speed in development and ulimately money saved - a win-win for both of us.  I can assist immediately now and on any other future maintenance or enhancements you may require.  My primary consulting business web site is

Please email back and we'll go from there.