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I'm looking for help with developing a landing page that incorporates text, my logo, links, and slideshow photos.  I'm currently using the dropify template theme.  I also have a few edits I want to make to the existing pages, which I can't figure out how to do.  For example, on the products page I have three sizing dropdowns and I don't know how to allow a 4th dropdown option for color choices.


My main project is the landing page, for which I'm accepting fixed bids.  The small questions/projects I have can be bid on an hourly rate.  Here are some example landing pages that I am looking at as examples: (this one is pretty basic, I'd like a smaller photo with some text about my site but I like how the picture comes in.  Would also like 3-4 photos in a slideshow.) (this one is a little busy, I don't want that many features/buttons...also realize this one does not have a slideshow).





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Looks like you already got the logo in, and text and links (menu) are already included in the theme. The only thing missing is the slide show.

I can replace the featured item on your landing page with a slideshow for $100, you have to provide the images of course.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive design overall, I and my designer can work with you to design a complete theme customized for your business. That will cost you around $1000, and will vary depending on how rich a theme you go for.

Re: adding another drop-down, there is no short-cut for that because as you have noticed, shopify's infrastructure allows upto 3 options for a product. What can be done is combining two of your options together (and list each possible combination of those two options as a possible value for your combined option). And then process that with your own code to render separate drop-downs. I can do that for you for an additional $500. Its for you to decide if you want to spend that much for the feature, or appeal to shopify to allow an extra option.

Let me know....

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