!nstant T-shirts Seeking Developer to polish existing site

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My associate and I have our website well underway, but lack the skill to put on the finishing touches. If you are interested in helping us to complete and really "polish" the site so that everything looks in-its-right-place and functions smoothly. If you are interested in working with !nstant please reply and let us know. You can check out the site as it is here: http://instant.myshopify.com/ .

Below I've pasted a little bit about what we hope to accomplish with our company.

!NSTANT is a way of thinking about culture. It is also a company that makes t-shirts.

Our mission is to develop t-shirts that reflect what is happening in culture: high culture and low culture and what some have called “no culture.” Our method of doing this has no precedent in the history of shirt design, or so far as we know, fashion. !NSTANT's army of web crawlers continuously analyze emerging data from across the web. Surges in particular search queries are detected, trends in uploaded web content are measured, important word combinations and images are identified. According to a formula known only to !NSTANT's two founders and a cocktail waitress, suggestions for t-shirt imagery and text are automatically generated. An elite network of artists then utilize these suggestions to complete the design. Very shortly thereafter, a piece of reeking raw culture is posted to our homepage.

Purchasing an !NSTANT t-shirt, something wrenched from the boiling gut of culture, can be a dangerous act and at times a revolutionary demand. If you are prepared to accept that danger and to propel culture forward, perhaps it is a purchase you should make.