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I use vend as my shops pos system. When i stock in a new product, i create or add to a brand/product type. When i publish to shopify it shows this information. However i use the pixel union editions theme. It has a search/browse section. In this area it has two drop down menus. One shows a drop down of the brands. The other was a drop down for collections. I want this drop down to show the product types, which i created in vend, instead of collections which I have to create in shopify and add products to etc.

Be great for some advice or if theres a simple way to do this.

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As long as vend is exporting the product type to shopifys product type, which it should be doing, this should be simple enough.

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Hi Paul.

Yes it is exporing the product type to shopify. Im presuming its a case of a simple change to the liquid but it wasnt obvious with my limited knowledge.



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Hi James,

Please check your email for detail how can be helped.

let me know your available time and I will do my best to accommodate it



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I know, it is an outdated post but my answer will be helping new others.

Recently, I found a company "Omnichannel Commerce" which is providing free Vend Shopify integration for testing purpose.

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Thank You

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