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We are developing feature for our one of application "Flits"

You can find more details at . "Click Here for more details"


What we are trying to provide is 

1. If Store initiate refund process 

2. The amount of refund (Current Total Refund Amount) should be added to particular customer account.

3. The amount should not be refunded as actual money(In Customer's bank account) it should be refunded as credit (Flits Store Credit).


I have created Action for Store Credit what I need in that action is 

1. {{ }}

2. Amount of credit which is given to customer

3. Reason for that credit adjustment.


Now I have question what workflow triggers i should use?
Which conditions I should use?
How  can I get perfect {{ }} and the amount to be refunded to customer.
in my action parameters.


Any other suggestions would be great for this flow I really need this workflow to work.



Hi there!


Thanks for your question. The best trigger to use with the action you're developing would be the "Refund created" trigger - this is a Shopify trigger so all stores will see this in Flow.


In that, you will have access to the {{}} variable which will allow you to link your action to the correct customer to refund the customer. Does that make sense?

Anthony // Product Marketing Manager @ Shopify
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Hey @AnthonyKentris ,


Yes obviously that makes sense let me try that I will try that out.


Thank you for your response.

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hello  Milinpatel