FLOW : POS Source and Location, Orders Tagging

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Hi There - We have a single store with multiple locations where we have enabled pickup and I'm hoping to automatically tag orders via Flow to help sort out our daily reporting. I'm having trouble finding  in flow to report on an order source (ie. either pos or web) and then the associated POS location name (in this case "Fenway"). I can find both as labels on an export from the orders tab but cannot seem to find in Flow as an option... Help greatly appreciated!


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Hi  Trillium,

Did you find a way to track the source (web or POS) using Shopify Flow?

I am having the same problem here.


In your case, you use the Order physical location legacy resource id field to determine in which location the order was placed.

The problem is that this value is not field when orders come from the web (N/A) and you cannot make a Flow with the following condition :

if Order physical location legacy resource id is equal to "N/A".