Flow - possible to use product tags?

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Just getting into Flow, have searched and can't find the answer.

Looking to set up Flow to send an email when an order is created and one of the line item products contains a specific tag. Is this possible and, if so, how please?

"contains a specific tag" is the part I am stuck on. I have been able to get to line item options but can't see tags at that level.



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Hi Ian, 

I've not previously seen the ability to target product tags assigned to line items within Flow, but I can suggest a solution for you to consider.

Our Order Tagger app allows you to create rules that will tag your orders based on a set of criteria and conditions. We have a criteria that will analyse the product tags of all products contained within an order and check them against the conditions that you specify, e.g. is the tag "Vegan" contained within the product tags.

You can then apply a fixed tag to the order if your conditions are met, or, you can use our dynamic tagging feature to apply ALL of the product tags as order tags.

Then, using our Order Tagger Flow Trigger, you can create a workflow which will be triggered 30 seconds after Order Tagger has finished tagging or untagging an order.

Your workflow can be set to look for a specific Order Tag and, if found, you can use Flow's built-in actions to send an email to your admin team.

We have an article that covers the flow set-up of this scenario here which may help: Using Order Tagger as a Trigger in Shopify Flow

There are probably other decent solutions available so it's worth having a good look around. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about Order Tagger if you're keen to find out more.

Order and Customer Tagger apps for Shopify
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Thank you for your reply. Sad to hear tags are available natively and will take a look at your app along with others.

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I also have this need. Seems like a strange exclusion. In 75% of the times I go to use Flow, I come away with the answer "but it can't do that". Disappointing. Doing this by sku is going to be a lot more work.