How do you manage your providers ?

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Hello everyone,

Shopify workflow is nice for stocks and clients management.

But how do you manage your providers relations ? I mean, yes you can organise transfers but this is already when you made your order !
For example, is there a way to filter your 4 providers sellling a certain kind of product ? Check the liability, time to deliver, previous relatiosn, then make the transfert if the deal is actually done ?


Thanks in advance,

Hecho a Mano


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Hi @Hechoamano, I'm not sure that Flow can help with this problem since it sounds like you're wanting a type of CRM for your suppliers. What Flow coculd do is automatically tag certain products based on the vendor you purchased them from (this would be using the "Product added to store" trigger, the condition would be the vendor's name, and then the action would be "Add product tag"), and then you could use that information to organize your products by vendors quite easily in the Products page in the admin using saved filters.


But Flow wouldn't be able to help with the liability, time to deliver, and previous communications with those suppliers, unfortunately. Sorry!

Anthony // Product Marketing Manager @ Shopify
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