Using Flows for reporting

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Hi All,

Hope you're doing fine. I really think Flow are powerful if we can automate some reporting with it. For instance, logging every order with product details, refund date, etc etc

You can always run various reports from the reporting tab, but in my opinion, the most complete info is when you export orders directly from the order tab, and built automated reporting out of it.


I'm working on a flow to export all orders with product details (one row per line item, etc etc) in a spreadsheet. This would really help us automate most reportings we do by exporting various reports every now and then.


Has anyone created a Flow that export to spreadsheet, with one line per line item, all its orders ?

I was working on it and for loop examples show it can be done, however I don't have technical background, so for all orders with >= 2 products, it's not working :)

My current flow export this variables in a GS:





{% for a in order.lineItems %}{{}}

{% endfor %},{% for a in order.lineItems %}{{a.quantity}}{% endfor %},



This basically export name, email, channel sale, product items, country, etc, etc

Some variables are very easy to add, regarding product line items, I'm stuck :)

Hope it's clear !Thanks !