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Hi guy's

Within the bulk product editor we need to be able to see our markup margin and be able to adjust, it's just too much if we have a lot of products that we have to adjust, could we we get this implemented ASAP please.

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Hey, there.


This is Dallas from the Shopify Social Care Team.


Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts of this with me. I definitely see that we are missing this and you have a very good point. Having to mark up each price individually when there are is a large number of items is very tedious! What I will do is create a request to the team who deals with the frustrations from our merchants. I can't promise that they will get back to you when/if they feature is put int, but are you able to give me the name of your domain?


With that information I will be able to submit the request for you. Let me know.



Dallas | Social Care Guru @ Shopify

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