Complete Draft Order on Shopify POS (missing feature?)

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Reposting this from another thread, but as you may have seen, this app is now live in the store, check it out: I recommend reviewing it to see if it fits your needs. I think you will find that what we have done so far and how we plan to extend the app in the future will be a far better solution longer term. 


If anyone has questions about the app, please feel free to reach out to us as well. If there is a specific use case or feature we do not support, let us know and we will try and make it happen as quickly as we can.

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This is a very helpful thread for something that I am currently going through!

On a whim, we decided to do an on-site pop-up shop at an event. (We typically do online-only and are still new to Shopify system.) We ended up having a lot of people that wanted to place custom orders on-site and have them shipped to them directly. I was forced to quickly find a way in an area where my wifi wasn't working all on my laptop take customs orders and credit card payments via mobile POS and Shopify app. (Because they didn't want to finish their sale via email, weren't a very tech-savvy bunch, and I didn't want to risk losing the sale because of it.) I'm now questioning if I am not over-inflating my sales numbers due to the way I did it and was hoping you could give me some guidance if that is the case, and if there is a way to back-track and correct it without negatively impacting any orders.

I would create the draft order on the Shopify App (Not the POS, just Shopify app) I can see on the online version where "accept a credit card" is available for manual entry, however on the app, it is not offered.  So I created a quick-sale in the POS app, ran the credit card and simply marked it as "paid" on the Shopify app. I see now as I am winding down and reconciling my sales that it is creating two order #s etc. Is it also counting the sales twice? For example, one order was for $97.00. If I mark it paid in the Shopify App for $97.00 and run a card for $97.00... is the system looking at that like I really sold $194?

If it is looking at it like this, what is the best way to correct this so I can make sure I am getting accurate numbers out of the system?


But to also reply to this thread... I think this would be a fantastic feature and would support this being added to the POS and Shopify system. Thanks!



With the app we built, you would be able to look up the draft order you created online directly on POS. From there, once you complete the transaction, the app removes the draft and creates a proper order, so no doubling of anything and reports remain accurate. The only thing to keep in mind is that the draft is deleted, not archived or marked complete. There is no way in Shopify to do this currently, but it is something we are working on with them to change. When you go to complete a draft in POS, you can choose whether to remove the draft as well, so the option is always available.

Max Sadlowski - CEO - BentoSMB - Shopify Expert