Comprehensive list of POS issues

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Sheena - I am confident Matt will reply but in the interim I have had several discussions off line with Shopify.  I am told the Reports team is aiming to launch updated reports in May (unofficial).  The issues are admittedly far reaching and hence require careful troubleshooting so as to not cause other problems or atleast accept the creation of problems are accpetable as the fixes create a better operating experience.  It is not clear as to how many of the reports issues will be addressed as it cuts across old assumptions in Sales treatment such a refunds up to Inventory Reporting which is non-existent at present (I am refering to ability for reports to track daily inventory so that reports can be generated to show beginning period and end period inventory levels and graph varient inventory levels versus sales within a period).  

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Thanks so much Jason! 

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Yes they been working on reports and I've been in contact with their developers.  Don't think they have forgotten the customer, I have been working with one of the developers, they came to our store and we explained our needs. The more issues we bring up to their attention, in a constructive way will benefit us all.