Cost of Goods

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Hi Jenny,

Data Export has the cheapest alternative to report COGS and calculate profitability. This is used by many merchants because of its ease of setup.

1) You need to update COGS in your Google Sheet for each variant. 
2) Data Export will fetch the data from the Google Sheet and create any type of reports using the COGS data.

Data Export can also be used to create and automate many other types of reports and custom reports. 

Finally, Data Export provides the best value from a cost point of view. You can try Data Export for a 15-day free trial. Plans range from $5 to $20.

Let me know your questions related to COGS or reporting. You can reach me at


Data Export is rated by Shopify Sellers as the best and cost-effective reporting application on Shopify.
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Did y'all know you can track COGS + profit for free with the OrderMetrics app now? Not just a free trial, but free.

Our software helps you lower shipping costs and improve your gross profit margin.
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Hi all, this is a little unconnected but relevant to you as you're running brick and mortar stores.

We've developed a new tool called bnkle (like twinkle) that brings customers into your brick and mortar stores for free.

Essentially the moment customers near your store are searching online for what you sell in your real store we can show them you've got what they want and where you are.

Would you please take a look and trial it. Like I said it's free, takes about 30 seconds to connect and really can bring shoppers into your store. 

We'd love your feedback on bnkle Click here to see it in the app store:

Thanks, Kate

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The primary reason we do not currently use Shopify POS is the lack of a Cost of Goods feature.

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Hello Kyle,

COGS and multi-location inventory are two big issues that a growing business needs to get on top of.

Whilst you may not think of an app as the solution, we are focussed on these two issues and offer you both COGS upload and and multi-location inventory control as well as auto purchase-order generation and a goods received option in our app.

It's compehensive and could provide enourmous help to your business. In addition, we are working on The Prosperous Shop POS for release this June, for enterprise sizse businesses that need inter-branch transfers, same day deliver etc in real time, all running reliably and accurately.

You can try us for free by clicking on our logo above, or join our mailing list for our Multi-location POS.

I wish you well in any case.



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I was going to switch from Square to Shopify and when importing my products I couldn't believe there wasn't a COST column! So disappointed.  I'll just upgrade to square retail. smh.

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Hi All,

I'm happy to confirm that our app is finally live and in the app store under the inventory category.

We offer cost price upload in bulk or via our super helpful RAPID method, profit reporting through our easy to use, yet powerful dashboard, inventory visability across locations, purchase orders, price markdowns.

Feel free to take us for a test drive - we offer a 14 day free trial

Kind regards,

Karen and the team

The Prosperous Shop

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COGS is now on Shopify PRODUCT admin page!
Also available for Export/Import. :)
What a WONDERFUL surprise!

Now, if they could integrate the COGS in the TRANSFERS module, then we could use it to place Purchase Orders or sort of...

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What?! We just left Shopify a few months ago due to COGS being absent. After unsuccessfully trying to piece together a COGS and PO process using 3rd party apps...we gave up. It was just too complicated and too much work to track pricing and costs in multiple systems. 

Agreed - Purchase Order functionality would be the last piece in the puzzle.

Note: COGS is only available for Shopify Advanced plans.

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@jacob_n_masters wrote:

This is not rocket science as you (shopify) like to make it look like.. this about apps and $$$ and its really sad to see you guys leaving functions like this out of the standard system, just to force us to buy even more apps.

And it is just as sad to see you guys trying to make some kind of excuse to not adding COGS to Shopify, as we all know this is just about $$$$ apps and more $$$$ A simple number field can do what 90% of your customers is asking for, and if you (shopify) like to go the hole way and make something a bit better 3 fields can cover 95%:

"Supply price" X "Markup (%)" =  "Retail price"

We our self are at the point where we now are looking at moving the POS back to as this and many other small, but needed functions is include as standard.. 

Hope you guys at Shopify soon give you self the update you need, even if you loses some app $

Also now that you offer a POS solution it need to be a option to have both a E-commerce price and a POS price.



The problem is that these are basic functionalities for a Ecommerce App.    But even then paying $10 a month, for many businesses that sell small cost items , it's very hard to make profit.   You have to have a huge volume to make any.    We've been in business for almost 3 years now and just to get to the point of even covering shopify's basic cost alone we need to sell 100s of items online  per month and the profit from it to pay the subscription.    We found out how difficult it is to market online to sell 100's of items directly on shopify .    We can use pinterest, amazon and all that.  But amazon takes a huge chunk on both your product and shipping and extra fees.   For businesses like us, we need so many basic features that generally a proper E-Commerce offers , which shopify doesn't because they think they have to promote all their app developers.    We so far atleast have a list of atleast 20 basic features including COGS .  If we talk about the price of each per month, we should be paying well over $300 alone for those.  

We notice that for simple things we're nickel and dimed and it doesn't make much sense.    That is surely the frustration of most shopify businesses.     Even the apps that base their pricing on volume , don't always assign the right price for the feature.   There's a big different between a app that just adds COGS which is only generally used only few times a year or once a year to determine growth and profit, than an app that regularly plays a huge role everyday.      

And to make it worse relaying on 20 different companies and businesses to run your website is nuts.   Many of them have poor support, not reliable always and some dissappear as they  don't see it profitable after a while and then the business owner is left in limbo.      

If shopify just sticks to making the platform more encompassing everything , more businesses will use this.   That's why in the long run many businesses try to develop their own