Desktop POS Solution

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A desktop version of the POS would be fantastic. Adding my vote.

In the mean time I wanted to point out that having 9 iPads running in your store concurrently is a very feasible, as they are a lot more sturdy then they look :)

This is a baffling response to me. Shopify, it is not your job to decide what is feasible for your customers and what isn't. It certainly explains a lot about Shopify's reluctance to implement many much needed and requested features, as they apparently feel that how we run our businesses is up to them.

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This is one of many reasons we're not taking on more Shopify work and pushing customers to BigCommerce (and let's face it, customers buy exactly what their consultants suggest).

Shopify's lack of support for modern e-commerce, especially in terms of POS solutions and headless commerce are just insulting at this point, as are the flippant responses from staff. 

Shopify support is the best BigCommerce ad I've ever seen. Shame on you, Shopify. 

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+1 We shouldn't be forced to use iPads

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I would also like to have a Windows 10 Shopify POS App that I could use on my Microsoft Surface Pro or Surface Go.

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Is Shopify really this out of touch?

2019 and you can't use their POS on a desktop?