Exchanging an item with Moneris, missing feature???

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i am also facing this stupid issue. Not sure why Shopify are not able to do that piece of integration as I guess the API should be sitting there.

Is lightspeed good to switch over to them

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Lightspeed is very expensive. It is very robust with lots of detailed features that we have not fully explored. the reporting is great but if you have a Shopify website then you can't integrate the two. You either go all in with Shopify or all in with Lightspeed.

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Hello TobbW,


About this issue, we have opened multiple support tickets and Shopify keep saying overtime the same response : that they are working hard into this problem and can't give no ETA. They're like a well programmed robot and we feel they don't care at all...


Also, there's apparently an issue with the Moneris API for making the exchanges work. This is strange because, when we were with LightSpeed, that was working perfectly! I guess their programmers are not good enough to solve those issues, or there's another reason they don't tell.


Meanwhile, there was a brief moment of joy when they announced the new POS app along with the new POS hardware not long ago.... but again, Shopify support won't say any ETA for Canadian customers... This feels so wrong as Shopify is a Canadian company.


Finally we did abandon the POS Moneris integration but this sucks... and its very error prone since the clerks have to manually enters the sale amount.

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Hello everybody,


Since Shopify still does not seem to care about this issue, we're thinking to switch back to LightSpeed because of this very annoying missing features, as well as other bothering things. In the past months, I've kept a close eye on LightSpeed products and they became much more interesting. By the way, their eCommerce solution is supporting multi-language for real.


As I am a 20+ years programmer, when we migrated first from LightSpeed to Shopify, I've made a little automated conversion program. I guess I could make another program to migrate back easily from Shopify to LightSpeed. This program would include :


  • migration of products (with images and all fields);
  • inventory;
  • clients database;
  • collections
  • orders (this one might be more difficult, but no impossible)


So, how many of you would be interested? At this time, I would like to give it free in exchange of your feedback for bug correction.