Making shopify pos available on poynt

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Poynt is android but can handle debit payments. Its suited for shopify pos but it must be adapted to the device and poynt os marketplace.

How can I make this happen? As a suggestion or a paid contract with shopify?
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Hi @Cjbirch,


Nick here from Shopify. 


I looked into this for you and spoke to our retail team directly about it. They mentioned that Poynt isn't an integration with Shopify POS. What I will do though is submit a feature request to the development team on your behalf. Would you be able to reply to me here and give some more details about Poynt and how an integration with it and the POS could benefit you and your business? Hearing feedback like this is invaluable for our team and helps give them context when making a case for feature requests. 


Thanks again for reaching out and asking. Looking forward to hearing from you. 


All the best, Nick

Nick | Social Care @ Shopify
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I totally understand that the shopify pos app needs to be "added" to the
poynt marketplace. only shopify can do that.

The poynt system can run different style android registers, it has its own
pretty awesome basic cash with graphical departments.... but shopify pos on
this system can allow me to have an online store with a brick and mortar
building and a cash register tied directly to my online account. a feature
not available in canada but can happen now. it can keep care of my
inventory and in person payments. on a pc i can do bigger changes/reports
and the like but having it on the poynt device with debit built in may be
an all in one solution for many people.

i use a pc with expensive software (ace=pos) but to enable a shopify bridge
for inventory is like 1200$ plus monthly shopify... but a shopify pos app
on the debit machine is priceless and better.
id have a better result investing 1200$+ in shopify to make this happen as
it is a more worthwhile investment. It creates a new subscription customer
base and adds features to current customers. not to say id like to benefit
from it financially but in general it would be a good move for shopify.

that way people can buy online and even pay for it in person as they shop
in my building, or i can have it delivered. iguess online its shopifys
payment gateways but on poynt it is thiers. its still worth it for
subscriptions and online sales(shopify gateways)

LEt me know what you think or ask more questions.
im not opposed to helping/investing as i see this happening.