One inventory for multiple locations

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I have a retail business which consists of one permanent store (using Shopify POS) and also sell the same inventory via our online shop (again Shopify).  When 'Locations' were enable I added two other locations as we have stock for sale in another location and we have a regular 'pop up shop' at a variety of locations.


I've cancelled the second location, as having 3 inventory lists was causing more problems, as we haven't got the time to manually update.


I've still got the third location, for our 'pop up events' but haven't ot the time to manually transfer stock from the first inventory to this third inventory.  So stock is shown as -1 if I sell one item, and this isn't reflected in my original inventory.


Is it possible to have one 'master' inventory list for more than one location?  The current situation is causing problems when customers order something which is shows as 'in stock' but has actually been sold at a 'pop up event' but the original inventory hasn't been automatically updated, and we haven't got the time to do this manually.

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We have the same issues. Still trying to figure out a work around.