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Hello, I have been searching through the shopify community for consignment solutions to my particular case. 


I have seen great apps that do this kind of work but usually, all the selling is processed by a single store. In my case, I'm an online store supplying retail stores with a consignment agreement.


I have my own workshop and I manufacture jewelry which I sell online. For quite a few years I have supplied jewelry to local stores with a consignment agreement. Most of the stores also use shopify. The business has been growing and right now the task of keeping track of inventory and going directly to local business and verifying who much did they sell, it's getting really hard due to the number of items they have. I'm losing too much time keeping inventory and invoicing. 


I want to be able to sync my inventory to the retail stores and if they sell anything it automatically updates and the money split's by the percentages we agreed upon.


English is not my native language so I hope I've explained myself well.  Thanks in advance for any help.



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We are a retail jewelry company that also handles consigned goods. How we usually handle tracking them for reporting purposes is to either create a vendor that's named consigned (if we don't need to narrow down goods to specific parties), or else add product tags denoting the items are consigned to a particular vendor. Then we can run reports on what's on-hand, what's sold, etc. And any lack in the canned Shopify POS reports can be supplemented with pulling the data via the API.