POS - product exchange or refund without receipt or order #

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It is mind blowing that after all this time Shopify POS cannot process this very basic refund/exchange function.  It is SIMPLE addition and subtraction that a basic dollar store calculator can perform. PLEASE spend less time pushing all that info on the Home/Dashboard and fix this.  


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I wish that i had come across this forum post before my employers invested in the Shopify system. As with other posters, we regularly get people coming in without a receipt or with a credit card statement as proof of purchase because they have lost the receipt. We also have no way of linking our old system with Shopify. Because some products have guarantees of up to 5 years which we cover, we face the prospect of people bringing in non-Shopify till receipts until the end of 2020. That there is no way to process a refund/store credit/gift receipt without an order number/Shopify receipt - I find astounding! Especially baring in mind that the first person on this discussion posted a year ago!

I am increasingly feeling as though the POS facility with Shopify is a poorly thought out afterthought. Everything is black and white with this system - it's as if whoever designed it has never consulted anybody who works in retail! You can't even get the receipt printer to trigger the till drawer for a credit card transaction! I am coming across problem after problem and at best the responses have been clunky work arounds!

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Is there an update on this? We recently switched to shopify and are used to having a way to do a return or exchange without finding the order.