Product Visibility in POS

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I've just added around 100 new products but couldn't then bring them up on the POS screen. It didn't take me long to discover that the visibility button had been set to 'hidden'.

I'm trying to remain calm (but you may detect an underlying tension) but is there a way I can set all those products to 'Visible' in bulk like I can for the website and who on earth decided it would be a good idea to have products hidden by default?

Is there a way round this without first remembering which products I've added recently (I can't list by 'date added') and then editing each individually?

Thanking you in advance.


Ian Penwarden-Allan

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I agree that generally the visibility issue needs to be re-thought. My personal pet peeve is that you can't tell what's hidden on the web site vs. what's hidden in the POS without clicking on each product individually.

Regarding your issue, can't you just select them all and then bulk "publish" them? For some stores (like mine) that wouldn't work because you might want to keep certain things hidden on the web site, but it sounds like all you want is a quick way to make things visible in the POS.

Worst case you could select all and then uncheck the ones you didn't want to publish, then set them visible in the POS individually.
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Hi Jeff,

Bulk publishing all products simply makes them visible on the website, not POS. As far as I can tell there isn't even a column on the csv file to download, set to 'TRUE' and import back in.

I've added many products manually (can't wait to be able to scan them in) and all has been well. However I've noticed some changes on the product pages recently (having to delete the default price of 0.00 before being able to enter my own, for example) but have only just noticed that products are now hidden on POS by default.

The biggest problem is that I don't know which products are hidden without going through each one individually - no filter will allow me to do this!

I'm very happy to accept that I'm doing something wrong if someone is willing to point it out!