Shopify POS Feedback From The Trenches!

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Hey Guys,

We switched from Vend for a week-long consumer show (crazy busy) and here's some feedback:

  • Allow us to CHECK/EDIT customer info on a completed sale (needed this many times)
  • Allow us to ADD a customer to a completed sale (needed this many times)
  • Allow bank paymnts (EFTPOS) on external terminals (currently credit cards only)
  • Refresh button to force-sync stock/order/customer data (when a customer is waiting)
  • Allow option to ADD a product title for a quick sale (instead of just a note)
  • One-click daily total (for dollar amount as well as the amount of sales per day)
  • See sales for a specific day (Shopify doesn't even do this - only 'up to' a date)
  • Support AirPrint so we can use existing receipt printers
  • Don't force country codes on phone numbers (allow 021 instead of +6421)
  • Turn-off autocorrect on name/address fields (this was a constant battle which created customer anxiety as they watched iOS change their city/suburb/street names)

While many of the above items can be done on Shopify, it's time-consuming, confusing and painful which is the opposite of what you need in a retail environment - we need instant access when an impatient customer is standing there.


We REALLY needed the ability to enter a final sale amount as the discount, instead of using a percentage or discount amount (these options are handy though). This mean't we had to calculate the discount amount first, instead of just entering the final sale amount.

e.g. $149 - $99 = $50 discount. Just give us another discount option where we can enter $99 as a final sale amount.

Even though we might be advertising a percentage discount, they don't generally work because you get messy figures like $99.78 etc. We always round down to get clean, consumer-friendly prices (I think most retailers do this).


A couple of times we saw an error while adding an email address: 'Email address already added' when there wasn't an email address showing behind the error.

If there was already a customer account using the same email, please update the error to better explain this and auto-display the customer account so we can check it with the customer and add it to the order.

Unfortunately, during the crazy hussle of the show environmrnt we didn't take screenshots of this error.



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Second to most of these. Esp debit and discounts.

To add some of our issues:

-timeout while counting drawer renders the done button useless at close shift screen. 

-discount on a quick sale has to be manually calculated?!

-searching for products In checkout search is miserable. Search function is very poor

-search function for orders/customers/items also very poor


Sad to see such basic functionality lacking. Can't help but wonder if Shopify feels "oh well, someone will make an app to fix what we half-assed"


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Agree that all search functions were painful. Thanks for your input.

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I've gotten TWELVE notification emails about this thread. Ugh.

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Everything listed above is still a constant frustration - have also made feature requests, do you guys ever improve things or do you just introduce new features?