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Introducing myself, I am Huzefa, founder of is pleased to be bringing the revolutionary Shopify POS to India.

I have a family run store in Mumbai dealing in garment accessories. I have been researching on a solution which will allow me to manage my store inventory along with my business website efficiently. I was very excited when in August 2013 Shopify announced Shopify POS solution. I believe this is a truly revolutionary product. Shopify POS is iPad based retail software that automatically sync all your products, customers, orders and inventory in real time with your online store. Cool, right?

The hardware compatibility in India turned out to be the bottleneck. I have been waiting forever for shopify to launch this India. After getting no confirmation from Shopify on this, I decided to take matters in my own hand and bring the Shopify POS solution to India. I am sure there are other businesses in India who share my excitement about this.

For more details, visit:

You can reply back or call me at 09769901952 if you would like discuss your requirement for Shopify POS. 
I have also written an article about shopify for Indian business.

I am interesting in understanding how Shopify is working your business and what limitations you are facing. Any feedback you can provide will be appreciated very much.

Thanks & regards
Huzefa Siamwala

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Hi Huzefa, thanks for the post. I forwarded your details to our partners team.

In terms of feedback:

Shopify POS
1. No offline mode. You will need an active internet connection. This may be an acceptable trade off for its real time sync ability.

Shopify POS in fact fully supports offline mode. The only actions you cannot do while offline are 1) process a credit card with Shopify Payments (not applicable to India anyways) 2) refund a transaction as we need to synch with the server to ensure the transaction is still valid

Everything else will work: creating orders, associating customers, printing receipt, storing shipping addresses etc. 

Once your iPad is connected to the internet again, all your orders will synch with Shopify and your inventory will be reconciled.

I hope this helps,

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Hi Andrew, thanks for the feedback. 

I have noted the corrections and made the changes.

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first of all thanks Andrew for this nice post. i am always try to learn latest software technology. Hope i will get more about pos from you.