Simple Purchase Orders now available on Shopify POS

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I'm pleased to announce that Simple Purchase Orders is now available on Shopify POS.

Simple Purchase Orders allows you to create POs for your suppliers with a few clicks and transfer inventory when it arrives with the press of a button.

You can walk round your shop and add items to the PO and then instantly email it to your supplier.

When the inventory arrives, pull up the PO and check that everything you ordered is correct and transfer the stock into Shopify on the spot.

Check out the 14 day free trial today!


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POS software has turned out popular in the majority of retail stores nowadays. Big chains have the benefit of assessing their sales around the country with some clicks of a button. And small, sole proprietary stores have found out how the software relieves their month end accounting tasks. Fundamental POS system software offers all businesses an effective and simple procedure to evaluate, monitor & respond to sales data. Nevertheless, a few businesses concentrate a lot much on behind the scenes data that they fail to think about how point of sale software influences the day to day interactions b/w clients and client service representatives.

Think about being stuck in a line up to a money register. It may be the Christmas period or just a tiring shopping weekend. You gaze down the line to find out what the issue is. It’s the cashier – they are facing problem with a transaction. Possibly their computer would not scan a coupon adequately or a product’s sale cost isn’t displaying. Might be the credit card terminal isn’t working or possibly the clerk is facing problem exchanging a product. Whatever the problem is, it impacts both the client who is straightly involved and other clients that are waiting. Point of sale software has the probability to obstruct sales as much as assist them. The longer a transaction consumes, the more susceptible a store would be to lose clients.

These day to day interactions b/w clients & cashiers are an important arena to assess when thinking about POS software. The system might promise a good deal of stats, assess tools & accounting functions. Nevertheless in case it hinders a sale or impacts a client’s insight of a business, then it doesn’t matter how magnificently it tabulates data. Cashiers are required to be capable to effortlessly utilize the software in order they could serve clients.

Point of sale software has as much of an impact over staff retention since it does on client service. In case a cashier’s role is restricted to how finely they run a POS system, and the system is continuously complex, then the cashier is susceptible to begin seeking another job. Think about how the POS software contributes to a staff’s tasks. Do they possess the autonomy to trouble shoot while essential? For instance, in case a cashier has problem scanning a coupon, does your company let the cashier to supersede the computer so the client could still utilize the coupon? Is a worker capable to carry out a fast product exchange for a client or is the system developed to create the procedure ridiculously difficult?

One of the easiest ways to assess and enhance the utilization of POS software is to provide training to staff. A formal training meeting assists businesses in 3 ways. One, it helps front-line employees in offering best client service. Further, it offers staff with the confidence to utilize the system effectively whilst offering them a secure place to commit blunders or ask questions. Thirdly, it offers a business the chance to observe the system hiccups of day to day transactions. Training might be the momentum for a business to transform their POS system.