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I am the webmaster for the Surf Station Store. We have been using Shopify for over a year now, and are in the process of switching over from Lightspeed POS to Shopify POS. One of our main revenue streams is Used Surfboards, and we regularly have customers trade in their old boards and receive 80% credit off the sale of the old board once it sells. To this end, we have an extensive list of Credits in Lightspeed POS applied to Customers that can be used whenever they decide to purchase a new surfboard.


I tested the Shopify Store Credit functionality, and as it is not applied per customer, it is completely useless. In fact, an employee ringing up a customer could just put $1000 Store Credit as Payment for a product no matter who the customer is, and it would accept it. No Store Credit amount is debited from their account, and there's no way to view Store Credit on a customer's account to see how much is left if they were to use less than the full amount for a smaller purchase.


We are currently testing Fresh Credit as a way of migrating our Lightspeed POS Credit Accounts over to Shopify. However, this App is only available for Shopify eCommerce, so it won't help us with Shopify POS. As you can see, this is a valuable and necessary function for a Point of Sale, and we would love to see it added as a feature on an upcoming version of Shopify that integrates with both online and POS!

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Hey Surfstation team. 


Currently, Shopify does not offer a native solution. However, you should try Rise ai app


Through your dashboard, you can manage your entire customer list and their credit balance (works also for Shopify POS):

  • The customer’s name and email.
  • Total spent - the Lifetime Value of the customer.
  • Credit Balance - the balance on the customer’s account.
  • Loyalty Card Code - this is the code which all Store Credit and rewards will be stored on for each customer that has an account in your store.
  • Status - Member (with a store account) or Non-Member (without a store account). Please notice that only customers with a store account will be able to take advantage of the checkout quick apply button and accumulating Store Credit using one code. 
  • Adjust Balance button - manually adjust the Store Credit balance for specific customers.
  • Create Loyalty button - create a Loyalty Card code with an initial balance.

Here is a print screen - 

You can search for specific customers via the search bar at the top,based on a customer name, email or customer tag.

If you click on a customer, you’ll be able to see the customers details and history:

Good luck!

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How is it you have a "store credit" option but no way of managing it? This doesn't make sense. 


This should be customer-specific, or at the very least, if not in the customer profile, their name able to be listed in the specific issued store credit. 


Why have this feature at all if it doesn't work?




Shopify POS HAS TO HAVE a way for us stores to take returns without receipts. My gift cards cost me money, so having to issue a gift card for the return (really not a solution), ends up costing me more money!


Please tell me there is an update soon with this SIMPLE request fix.