Store credit for a customer

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I am the webmaster for the Surf Station Store. We have been using Shopify for over a year now, and are in the process of switching over from Lightspeed POS to Shopify POS. One of our main revenue streams is Used Surfboards, and we regularly have customers trade in their old boards and receive 80% credit off the sale of the old board once it sells. To this end, we have an extensive list of Credits in Lightspeed POS applied to Customers that can be used whenever they decide to purchase a new surfboard.


I tested the Shopify Store Credit functionality, and as it is not applied per customer, it is completely useless. In fact, an employee ringing up a customer could just put $1000 Store Credit as Payment for a product no matter who the customer is, and it would accept it. No Store Credit amount is debited from their account, and there's no way to view Store Credit on a customer's account to see how much is left if they were to use less than the full amount for a smaller purchase.


We are currently testing Fresh Credit as a way of migrating our Lightspeed POS Credit Accounts over to Shopify. However, this App is only available for Shopify eCommerce, so it won't help us with Shopify POS. As you can see, this is a valuable and necessary function for a Point of Sale, and we would love to see it added as a feature on an upcoming version of Shopify that integrates with both online and POS!