Tap&Chip - No customer name recorded when tap?

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Hi! Does anyone know how to get a customer  name to show up when they use the "TAP" feature to pay? It seems if we swipe the credit card then the full customer name is recorded... but if we use the "tap" function then it just says "someone ordered". I'm not sure if it's a function we can activate?


***This has been an issue as well because recently someone used the tap feature... only to do a chargeback for their item with the credit card company! Now when reviewing the order number there is no information and we can't go back to review who it is doing this.


Much Thanks!


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We always capture the customer information at the point of sale. For marketing purposes first and foremost. But also to have a purchase history, to research in the event of a chargeback, etc. You should be able to associate a customer with each transaction in the POS screen, right?