URGENT REQUEST: Add customer to order after sale is complete

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This is a constant frustration, we have a lot of trouble with this via the Shopify app and Shopify POS.

Many things crop up in retail or at fast-paced consumer shows where we need to associate a customer with an order after the order is complete - like the customer changing their mind and now wants it shipped.

Associating customer data with an order is critical for so many obvious reasons, it's truly mind-numbing we cannot do this in Shopify.

The whole point of computers is being able to edit stuff - right?

Please help!

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Hello there, 

Lisa here from the Social Care team at Shopify. Thanks for sharing the frustrations you're experiencing with the Shopify and POS app. I will reach out to you via email so I can get more details about your store. We can discuss what Shopify could do to improve your experience and I will submit a feature request for you!

Currently, editing POS orders to add shipping options after the fact is not a feature. You can add a shipping address, and edit the customer's details, however, you cannot authorize payment for shipping to an existing order without new permissions from the customer. As a workaround, if your customer decides to change their mind after you have put the order through, you can keep a shipping rate list handy for reference when completing POS orders and add the rate as a new product. See here for how to add a new product from the POS app here which you can use to charge shipping through a new order.

I'd like to clarify that when checking out on the POS app via an iPad, you can add the shipping address at the time of sale. However, if you're on mobile or any other device you need to use the above method of having shipping options added as their own products. 

I totally agree that associating customer data with an order is critical! As mentioned above, after an order is placed on POS, you are able to add and edit the customer details after the fact, please see screenshot here:

This will ensure that both the order for shipping and the original order will be logged together under the customer's order history. The customer order details are located under the "Customers" tab of your Shopify admin, where you can click into their names to see all orders. It is a good idea to utilize the comment section of orders that allows admins to write important details. In this section, you can include a comment that the delivery details are on another invoice. While it isn't ideal that you can't sync the orders into one, it is still possible to initiate the additional requests for the customer after the fact and keep a log of the customer's transactions. 

Alternatively, in your Shopify app, you can generate a draft order to invoice the shipping. If you're using carrier calculated shipping, this will enable you to calculate accurate shipping and invoice the customer right away. 

Also, how often are you selling on POS, is it on a regular basis in a retail store or do you run pop up shops? If you haven't already feel free to check out Shopify's retail blog for great advice for in-person sales.

- Lisa

Lisa | Social Care @ Shopify
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