"No Card Reader Connected"

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I am using the Swipe (audio-jack) card reader on a couple of different iPads. I am having trouble with the card reader losing connection when the iPad goes to sleep during a long delay between sales. This causes delays for my customers while we unplug/replug and wait for the reader to be connected again.

Is this normal behavior? I would blame it on a sketchy audio jack if it was only happening on one device, but multiple readers are doing this on multiple iPads so I am pretty sure it is a software issue.

Is there a way to force the reader to remain "connected"?


Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Christine here from the Shopify Guru team - thanks for your question.

Yes after a few minutes the card swiper does shut down to hold the integrity of the device. You can wake the device by unplugging and plugging it back in or try to turn the app off and on. 

Also, you may want to make sure that you have the most recent version of the POS app.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you need anything else. We are just a click away :)

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