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I listened in on reunite yesterday and the topic of back office functions through Shopify such as creating purchase orders for manufacturers, tracking incoming inventory, and receiving shipments was briefly mentioned.  I was hoping someone could elaborate a bit more on how those functions work, or could tell me where to find more information.  We are converting our entire POS over to Shopify and streamlining / connecting our back office work would be extremely beneficial.  Thanks.

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@Ryanatsaltblue our first point when we were streamlining our processes was working to reduce replenishment on our stock. Have you got any inventory forecasting in any place yet? 


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@Ryanatsaltblue could you link to the relevant part of the video?


In general they refer to the admin as the backoffice and some of those functions are covered here: (back-office tasks)


The order admin has already been updated

Other things such as receiving inventory by scanning using the shopify app will be released later.


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