Let merchants decide whether to put store pick up or delivery as the default shipping option

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We offer customers the option for delivery which carries a fee, and store pick up which is free. Shopify currently arranges shipping options according to the fee charged, with free being the default option. As a result, a lot of customers thought they chose free delivery and got angry when we pointed out that they chose store pick up by default. If we could just choose the default option that suits our own operational needs, it would take the frustration off our customers and let us serve them better. There was a bit of discussion on kerbside or store pick up today but if we can't resolve this, that will be a shame. I read in various threads that this matter had been brought up in the last few years but nothing has been done yet. I hope with the current COVID-19 situation, Shopify can take an urgent look into this so that we can give customers the flexibility to choose their shipping options without adding more headache to us. Our developer told us that we can only currently make changes to the checkout flow if we are on the USD299/mth Advanced Shopify plan. We are currently on the USD79/mth plan which is not exactly cheap.

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see also https://community.shopify.com/c/Payments-Shipping-Fulfillment/Shipping-Options-change-order-they-are...


Our developer told us that we can only currently make changes to the checkout flow if we are on the USD299/mth Advanced Shopify plan

Make sure you go over the plan features you get such as reduced transaction & shipping & POS fees a if you do enough volume it can pay for itself or have complicate third party shipping.


You cannot change the flow, but you can update your translations,logo,background image to try and increase awareness.






Though it is after that fact when the order is place these customizations for the order status page(thank you page) can help a tiny bit



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