Shop pay Shop pay, multi-orders, local delivery vs. shipping

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First off thank you so much for all you do at Shopify and for providing entrepreneurs like me and small family local business like our brick and mortar in Miami. 


I'm posting three issues because they are all interconnected and related to each other in my line of business. 


I'm glad you guys talked about what it is to a Florist to be in Shopify where our business is very much different than a regular eCommerce site, we struggle to adjust your platform to our needs and we are handicap as our needs are not all covered and we need other apps to semi-cover these needs.


As much as Shop pay it is a great tool and I can see how it will continue to built on becoming even better I feel at this moment it created a lot of issues because our orders were incomplete.


Our business is brick and mortar Flower shop, not a true eCommerce, we don't do drop shipping at the moment, just local deliveries.


So, the problem that arose was that the purchase was very quick but by the same token customers would skip on the message for the floral arrangement, the upsells (like balloons, chocolates and stuffed animals) and the information for the delivery (as is not a true eCommerce where customer buy for themselves, but a customer buys for a recipient, where there's a card message and the purchase is a gift)

Another issue we encounter was with multi-orders, this is a real issue for us because at times like mother's day a customer wants to order for different recipient /addresses on the same cart like their mother's and mother in law, their aunt or sisters....its a real necessity for us on Mother's day and Christmas. We use gift ship to aid us with this problem but it is just a stop gap, it doesn't provide all the solution because as per what they say this is not a natural built in feature of shopify and their app just work around the issue but there are many hiccups. But when shop pay is used to check out it leaves out this capability and it doesn't communicate with the app, resulting in a mess for multi orders as well.


We had to call the customers back, and email them with their incomplete orders so we can get it right, we also had customers saying they did placed the order but we didn't have it in our system, we decided to disconnect the shop pay feature  'for now' until it works better for us. But I would really like to make it work, I know it would pose a real value to the store and the buying process, and the conversion with the future installments and the Libra currency that will come out with Facebook, how can we make shop pay work for our business? local deliveries and multi orders available for brick and mortar shops?


Thanks again as always,