Where is the Purchase Order function?

I was excited to finally hear of the ability to create purchase orders from within Shopify, it's a feature request I communicated a long time ago as it seemed to me that all the information inputed when creating a transfer would be the same information required to send to a supplier, the only thing missing was an email button.


So I immediately went into my Admin to look for this feature where I assumed it would be; under products or more specifically under transfers. No luck. 


I then went into the forums and came up empty on current, related posts. I thought perhaps the function is only available on certain plans (I am on the basic plan) but nothing was mentioned in Reunite that this was so, and looking at the pricing plans and feature breakdown (although this is an extremely summarised view) I don't see this either.


Could someone please advise where this feature which was stated as currently available is?

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That's right! I am too wasa looking for it, but not find it.!

We now working with Vend to solve the inventory and purchasing orders activites. But it makes more headache to us instead of make it easeir. So when I heard that in Webinar i was optimistic of stopping vend and only work on Shopify.