14 year Old, Do You Think Pop Up Shop Is Worth It?

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Hey Guys,

My names Oli, i'm 14 and co-owner/sales director of www.swolepanda.com. Over the past year I have seen the business grow a lot and we are now at a point of entering the high street market. We are looking at the possibility of starting a Pop-Up shop. Just wondered how easy it is and what sort of pricing we're talking. Obviously i'm 14 so would have to be a part time thing probably in the holidays (Unless staff could be employed at a good price). 

If anyone has any experience with Pop-Up shops or has looked into it it please get in touch, would be interesting to find out. Obviously the budget isn't unlimited so to start we'd have to do it fairly small scale. I'm looking for the folllowing info:

- Who Could Build A Good Looking Pop-Up Shop?

- What's a Reasonably Priced Way Of Going About It?

- What Sort Of Quantities Would We Need To Fill A Store To A Standard That Looks Respectable?

- Shopify POS, Is It Worth It?

- General Feedback From Anyone With Experience.

Any feedback would be great! If you'd rather email my personal email is ostephenson99@gmail.com. Business email is sales@swolepanda.com


Oli Stephenson

Sales Director at Swole Panda Bamboo Clothing and Accessories


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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi Oli,

That's awesome! Congrats for growing your sales and getting yourself out there. That's definitely a big first step.

Regarding pop-up shops: I'm not sure what it is like in your region, but I live in Toronto in Canada and I find that most pop-up shops have short-term rentals on physical locations that they operate out of.

We actually have a comprehensive blog post about setting up your first pop-up shop that you sould check out:



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