20 POS features gone on 10/31/20 unless shops pay $89/mo?

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Wow, I guess Shopify is assuming the number of clientele that will jump ship will be offset by the number of those forced to pay the additional $89/mon. This will certainly open the door wide open for competitors to pick up a wide range of ex-Shopify customers.


We personally, moved 100% of our business to Shopify for full integration, but will for sure be exploring options to cover all the bases we relied on Shopify  for. But hey, I'm sure our 'tiny' business is just a drop in their massive bucket.

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can you please advise how I can change back to Classic. The all new POS is very difficult to work with loss of functionality and intuitiveness. I hope that Shopify reviews this decision as the Classic was a far better option to what I have experienced with the update.