A WooCommerce website in placed - Can we still use Shopify POS?

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Hi, i am helping my client to setup a Woocommerce website to kick off his e-retail business. He is considering using Shopify POS - is that possible to link 2 different things together? Please advised. 

I have also came across.

WooCommerce as the Front End

Shopify as the Backend


I've also just discover this - https://automate.io/integration/shopify/woocommerce

How does this work exactly? Please advised. Thank you in advance!

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Sure, it could be done with an awful lot of programming work or by paying a third party service, but to what end? Why not just setup a Shopify site and use its POS too? Shopify's web platform is truly its strength. You can read around these forums to formualate an opinion on the current state of the POS app.

You would need to pay a monthly subscription to Shopify plus a subscription to the POS just to take advantage of the POS functionality. If you're paying for both I would use both, personally. I like Shopify's web platform better than WooCommerce's.