Ability to set different prices for online and in store

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I Have 2 retail locations, currently using shopify POS at one location, and will soon start selling online. Is there any way I can set different prices for in store and online? Sometimes we sell items at different prices to stay competitive online or in store. for example I would like to sell an item at my brick and mortar location for $10 while online I might want to sell it for $8 or vice versa. What is the best way to handle that.

I could use discounts on my POS if I sell it for less, but I don't have anyway to increase the price on the POS unless I do a custom sale.

Also is there anyway we can set a different stock qty/inventory for online and in store? or different locations?


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Jatin Singh

Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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At this point I think you're going to need to introduce a second shop for the POS to pull it's data from for in-store pricing and then use an ERP or inventory control app to manage the inventory between the POS shop and the online shop.

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