Access and enter a charge for shipping at Checkout

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We use Shopify's POS in our store. One of the products we offer is a gift basket. The gift basket can be shipped anywhere in the USA via UPS or FEDEX. Via the online store shipping is added. But how do we accomplish this at the store checkout register using the POS?

Bottom line - How do we offer shipping in our POS system? 


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Hi Terri!

With Shopify POS, you're able to add a shipping address with the order to access later and know where to ship the item to.  Calculating the shipping however would have to be done externally. When creating an order on Shopify POS you can customize it to add the shipping costs as well so the customer pays for the shipping costs while paying for their order as well.

You can calculate shipping rates by weight online at the following links (you can calculate it once then write down the shipping rate somewhere so you don't have to go and calculate it every time you sell a particular item you want to ship)



Hopefully that clarifies things a bit! Take care! :)

MC Léveillé | Shopify Guru

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Can we add a shipping cost with a static value, such as $5.00, at POS for every order that is delivered?  We wish to avoid a cashier to enter the charge because during our high volume season they can forget or make data entry mistakes.  (We also have stores using the same POS where customers purchase "over the counter" and a shipping charge is not appropriate.)  Thank you

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You could have a product in your system that only appears on the POS, for the $5 shipping/delivery or handling fee.  Just add that item to the order when doing it yourself.

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