Add "how did you hear about us" to POS?

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Is there a way to customize the POS checkout process to include a "How did you hear about us?" question with a drop-down or field that sales staff could use to record that info with each sale? Or an app that would do this?

I found the instructions for adding a snippet to create this for online sales, but it doesn't indicate whether that would show up for POS sales, and I'm guessing it wouldn't. We're especially interested in how our brick & mortar customers are finding us, so having an easy way to record and store this info in Shopify would be a huge benefit to us.

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi, Rebecca!

Patrick, a Shopify Guru here :). 

At the moment, we don't have that kind of feature for the POS but I can definitely see the advantages it would bring. You could add a note to the order and track the information that way :)

But it would mean that you would have to type the information in manually.

I can see how this kind of information could come in handy and we're always trying to improve our system so I'm going to add your suggestion to our "Epic want" list to see if it could be added to a later version. :) 

Hope that helps, if you have any more questions feel free to drop us a line at :)