Alternative Methods for Handling Signatures

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We're internally testing the various Shopify Hardware packages but nothing appears to come with a signature pad. All signatures are done on the screen which doesn't work for us because some of our locations are behind a glass wall to filter out noise from the busy outside lobby. I notice that we can skip through the signature process and accept a blank signature. Can we use that process to instead print two receipts, one signed and returned to us by the customer and the other given back to the customer unsigned? Would Shopify/Stripe have any issue with that?

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi Brandon,

In the US and Canada signature acceptance will eventually be dissapearing. The major card brands are going to stop requiring it as part of verifiying the customer. We are planning to eventually remove signature acceptance from Shopify POS, or at least make it optional.

See this NYTimes article for more information: