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Why can't you do a refund for cash on an order that has originally been payed with debit or credit card? The only options are the original payment method or a store credit. I understand that for safety reasons it's better, but here in Holland it's very normal to refund for cash, especially small amounts. I now refund for store credit and just give the customer a refund in cash. But then my till isn't balanced anymore and I have to adjust it manually. Has anyone else come across this problem? 

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Hi there,

The reason we don't allow refunding from credit card to cash is because it is against the terms of service of the card brands. A payment taken initially form Visa for example can only be refunded to that Visa card. Refunding to cash is not permitted. 

I believe the regulations around debit vary from country to country. Unfortunately the debit to cash refund is not a feature we offer at this time.

I hope this helps with your understanding,

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How about a customer buying online and comes to store for exchange or return?  POS does not allow any returns to take place for online orders.  The refund button to gain access to store credit is inoperable for online sales orders.  It is almost like shopify online and shopify pos are two different companies which defeats the purposes of paying for integrated platform when shopify itself does not view integration as important.  I am so tired of shopify saying such and such is not a feature we offer at this time.  It is getting old. It has been a year.  Where is the real update to POS because Vend is looks to be materially better at POS and inventory management for exactly the same price.  I want to stay with shopify but the team needs to pick up the pace and address several flaws.