Any one in New Zealand using Shopify POS?

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If you are using the Shopify POS system in New Zealand, I want to know how you are using it. 

Have you got the POS app talking to an eftpos terminal via bluetooth? 
Do you just manually put in the Credit Card details? Or do you use the Shopify Card reader? 
Who is your gateway provider? 

Just gathering information to stay informed on how New Zealand retailers use the POS system. 

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey Leonardo!

I would recommend checking out our doc on POS for international merchants -

Ultimately, you'll have to source hardware from a third party source, and use an external machine to process payments. Here's how to set up external debit/ credit on your POS -

Hope this helps!


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Hi Leonardo,

I'm in the same boat, did you end up finding many answers to your questions?

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Yep using Shopify POS but with a third party card reader -  in our case ASB mPOS Lite as we can take it to events etc. It does mean we need to type in amount into the associated app - I wish ABS integrated  their app with Shopify POS... Be even better if stripe had a NZ compatable card reader. One day!

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Hi, Dave. I'm looking to speak with a merchant who uses Shopify's POS in an offline environment. I have some questions about what works well and areas for improvement. Would you or others in this forum be willing to share your experience?

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Hi Dave,

Any advice how to connect the ASB or bank card reader to the shopify POS app?



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There is not currently any direct integration for eftpos terminals or credit card readers in New Zealand.  You can still use eftpos machines and add a payment type for eftpos to keep track of eftpos sales in shopify but there is no direct integration.  You need to press purchase on the eftpos and enter the amount into the eftpos machine manually.  When accepted, you finalise the sale using the eftpos payment type in shopify.

We are investigatng if an integration is something that we can develop inhouse.

Please contact Leigh from Till Man if you have any questions regarding Shopify and Shopify POS in New Zealand NZ -

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Both the issues I am raising have been raised by other customers for a few years now.

1. NZ Eftpos integration - I know New Zealand may be a small market for Shopify. But there are lots of other much smaller companies that are able to offer Eftpos integration in NZ. Even Vend has it. Can you give a good reason why Shopify still hasn't sorted out Eftpos integration for NZ?

2. As much as Shopify touts using iPads for POS, there are a lot of companies that use desktops. Surely it can't be that hard to have a desktop offering, as a listed company even?? It makes no sense that Shopify can not include desktop as a POS option.

We had switched over to Shopify before we realised the above 2 issues. Because, to be honest, they should be basic offerings, not even features. If we had known before we wouldn't have switched. It was quite shocking when we found out, and very disappointing.

Both these issues have been "passed on to our developers" or some other version of numerous times. And in reading community posts, since 2016!

Can we have honest answers and resolutions please?

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Hey Everyone, 

What hardware/merchant terminal setups is everyone using for Shopify POS in New Zealand?

We have an expo that we are attending next month and the international Shopify support is providing generic info (nothing tailored to New Zealand at all). 

I thought it would be a lot easier