Apple Wallet for gift cards actually doesn't work?

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I just upgraded my Shopify to enable gift cards, and notice you can add them to Apple Wallet. Awesome! I was excited about this because I am opening a brick and mortar in a few months and this is a cool feature to have.

I bought a gift card from my website as a test (I don't like the proccess for gift cards... The customer gets an email that the order is being prepped and then immediently gets the gift card email. THEY have to pass the code on to their friend? Are they supposed to Forward that email or print the webpage? Weird.)... I received the email that my gift card was ready, and there's a link for Apple Wallet right on the email. When I click that email, it opens Safari on my iPhone and states it cannot complete the download? Same thing happens when I open the gift card link and click on the Apple Wallet icon there. Can someone at Shopify comment on this or help me? Seems pointless that I set up the Apple Wallet stuff and it doesn't even work :L


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Hi Alicja,

Congratulations on opening a brick and mortar! The error you were seeing with Apple Pass (Passbook) has been resolved :) 

If you continue to see any errors with this let us know.


Jenna B.