Avoid Shopify POS

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Trying to manage a store with Shopify POS is close to IMPOSSIBLE. Hope you can read this BEFORE you start using Shopify POS because these are all the issues you will have:

  • Discounts applied by third party promotions App or store employees are hard to track or limit
  • No option to set permission levels to employees
  • No option to remotely see if employees arrive on time
  • No inventory option for individual locations (additional expensive Apps)
  • Lack of support (Shopify is an ecommerce store, not POS, so most employees have no clue about retail)
  • Unable to run transactions offline with credit card (not even within a threshold)
  • Even App developers request some changes and they get same answer as users: "we are looking at it"
  • Reporting -  The transacion CSV file will make it almost impossible to track Net Sales, Taxable Sales, Non-Taxable Sales, because some times the "Lineitem price "reflects discounts, but sometimes it doesn't; "Refunded" and "Partially paid" transactions also add up to the "Revenue" line which makes it even harder
  • Heavily rely on third party apps: Most of these forums will have a "There's an App that does that" answer by someone at Shopify, so if you really want all the minimum capabilities you'll end up spending close to $500/month
  • Not real interest in Shopify on fixing any of it: track some of the basic threads, you'll see some have been "looked into" for two years and still the same
  • Outdated support materials: they have videos that use hardware that Shopify no longer uses!

Bottom line: Shopify is good for ecommerce, very customizable and lots of features but IT IS NOT A POS SYSTEM so they just keep making patches or work-arounds to fix basic functionalities.



Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey Jose,

I noticed your post on our forums and wanted to touch base.  

First of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to post and providing such detailed feedback. This feedback will help us grow our POS product and address pressing features for our merchants.

To be honest, our POS is not for everybody. I have on boarded many merchants that love our POS and I have also said no to a good number of merchants because it would cause a headache for them and we want what is best for our merchants. There are a great deal of features that have been coming down the pipe line and we are actively working on them but we want to make sure they are presented right the first time and that all of our merchants will love them.

We do rely on 3rd party apps to help you customize the features you need in your day to day business because there are many very high priced POS systems out there that have all the bells and whistles but you use a minimal amount of these features. I would compare it to buying a very expensive car that goes 160 km/h (sorry for the Canadian metrics) and putting it on cruise control because the speed limit is 80 km/h.  Our low priced Retail Pack and FREE POS allow you to add on apps here and there which will still equal the price of other POS platforms while your inventory, customers, and orders sync with your online Shopify store.

With all of that being said, if you are looking for all of those features for your brick and mortar location then we may not be the POS system for you at this time. However, if you know any single location retail stores that have a website with Shopify, send them our way. ;)

I will make sure this lands in the right hands and I will send you an email if anything changes in the near future. :)

Please reply to this email directly if you have any questions and I can make sure the right steps are taken moving forward.

Talk soon,

Sam Francis

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I'm sorry Sam but I have a single store that has been using Shopify for e-commerce and was happy with that and decided to switch to the POS and it lacks basic functions needed for day to day business!  I mean for crying out loud I can't even make a simple exchange for a customer!  Especially if it's a local customer that shops online and instore I can't even give them a store credit on there online purchase that they bring back instore!  I'm still having to use my Webgility sync to my old Quickbooks POS system just so I can have some decent reporting even with paying the ridiculously extra amount for minimal reports in Shopify!  I've been using the e-commerce for 2 years and the POS for just over a month and are looking to go elsewhere already because of the HUGE headache the last month has been! Seriously if you think you offer even basic functions you obviously have no idea what running a brick and mortar intails! 

Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey Ashley, 

Thanks for your reply! 

Currently, our Refunds and Exchanges are not as streamlined as other POS systems and this has been brought to our attention in the past. The best way to handle any store credit situations would be to bring them all to Gift Card which can be used online or in store with no extra steps. I.e. if your customer is returning something from online, offer a custom Gift Card for the same amount and if a customer is in store looking for a refund, credit them with a Gift Card by using the store credit as payment instead. I will gladly break this down further in a personal email if you would like me to expand on a step by step process. 

When it comes to 3rd party reporting integration, you will want to reach out to our online support team and they are available to help 24/7 with any issues you may be having. 

I would love to work along side you and help resolve any POS issues you may be having in your day to day workflow but your business comes first and understand if we are not the POS solution you are looking for. 

I look forward to your reply and I can email you directly if you would like to continue the conversation. Thanks again, 


Sam Francis
Shopify | POS Specialist 


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Hello Sam, since shopify pos is in its infant stages & not ready for us who have mulitiple location brick & mortar stores. What pos do you think syncs best with shopify ecomerce site. vend, lightspeed, revel...or is there any other that comes to mind. Please we are urgently looking for something that works for us. We currently use quickbooks pos & shopify ecommerce site with you guys.