Barcode Printer Only Works on Internet Explorer

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Hi guys, 

Our store has the DYMO 450 Shopify recommened label printer. However, the only browser that will run/recognize the app is Internet Explorer (which, needless to say, is not the fastest or most stable). Sometimes that even ditches out on us and the app asks us to reintall the barcode software which we have done mutiple times. Lastly, we have two barcode printers and they will only work with one laptop - is this normal? Can they intall on mutiple laptops? Please help! Thank you! 

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Sheila, shopify barcode app is essentially useless, I am still waiting on them to resolve the issues (they are just buying time and giving us the paying customers the run around and not working on fixing the issues)

Good luck with your barcode printer I have one sitting here wiht the scanner as a paper weight. Completely useless.