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Hi, I have set up an online and in store shop for a consignment store.  My clients were hoping to be able to make all of their inventory management via Ipads.  When I explained this to one of the reps at Shopify they said this would work fine and told me what to order, including a Dymo 450 for each of the Ipads that we want to work from.  After getting all of the hardware it was quickly determined that this would not work.  So I set out to create my own system.  I returned the Dymos and bought some portable bluetooth printers that run on batteries. This works great, except that we cannot use the Barcode Printer app with these to create and print barcode labels for our products.  Most importantly is the creation and tracking of barcodes.  We can create our own barcodes, but when we receive an average of 100 different items a day from up to 100 different sources, how do we track the barcodes efficiently? 


Any Ideas?

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You could use different barcode printers like entry level printers to heavy duty industrial printers. So that you wont face the problem.

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Hey Adam,
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