Best way to process orders for another channel?

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Hi guys,

Right now we have an online store and 1 retail store. The inventory is the same. Now we'd like to add another special online channel, this channel will produce its own invoices for the customers, however to keep inventory the same we have to make adjustments to shopify's inventory everytime an order comes in.

It will also be nice to have an overview in shopify of how all channels are performing. We obviously can't enter the orders for the online store since there are charges involved with that. But I thought it might be an option to add another POS location and just fill in the orders there (with a special payment option), would this be the easiest way to achieve an up to date inventory or am I missing something?

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey there!

Justin here - one of the Gurus here at Shopify!

Let me try and shed some light onto that for you.

If you're wanting a separate Online channel with it's own invoices and the like, assuming it's a different brand, you may want to have a 2nd Shopify store open and using an app like Store Sync or Stitch Labs to have the inventories sync up and everything consistently.

If you were to open a 2nd POS location or something, all of the order notifications would still be under your branding. You could try to use the Buy Button and embedding it, although you still run into the notification issue.

If you're combining accounts and stuff for payments, you may also want to consider getting Quickbooks or Xero setup so all that syncs up as well.

Hope that helps!

Justin L